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We've been hand-crafting comforters since 2005 in coimbatore, india, and our traditions and commitment to creating the highest quality, most comfortable bedding continues to this day. The srii valli textile is your single best source for comforters and duvets of all kinds: down comforters for their incomparably cuddly softness, or hypoallergenic down alternative comforters for allergy sufferers. Each of our duvets is available in every imaginable color and size, for every room in the house.

Check out our Comforter Guide – you'll find helpful advice on choosing the right comforter for your sleep style and needs. Warmth levels range from Super Light to Light, Medium, Extra Warm and Ultra Warm, allowing you to choose based on the temperature outside – and inside – your home.

Every comforter we sell comes sized to match your needs: queen comforters and king comforters for the master bedroom, and twin comforters for the kids' room. We carry a great selection of xl twin comforters for the college-bound kid in your life. Got a supersize mattress? We've got you covered with oversized comforters, available in every warmth level and in a riot of color options. Our luxury comforters are the ultimate in warmth and sumptuous comfort.

  • Twin = 64" X 87"
  • Queen / Full = 87" X 87"
  • King = 101" x 87"

THE luxee comforter range is designed for the perfect night's sleep, soft and breathable, to keep you comfortable and dry all night long.

  • Pure natural fiber.
  • Helps to keep you comfortable for the prefect nights sleep.
  • Luxury softness and comfort
  • washability @ 40° C
  • Non allergenic
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